Your Leather Cleaning Company in Dubai

Its time to shine your leather

When you are a proud owner of leather furniture, you need a reliable leather cleaning company you can trust. Fortunately, there is one here. Leather Zone Upholstery L. L. C. We offer flexible leather deep cleaning services. Our services are suitable for any budget and ensure that we arrange effective support at the right time. For proper furniture and car seat care in the UAE, Leatherzone leather cleaning is available. With us you get all the following bonuses:

  • Free surveys on site available
  • Insured service for every type of upholstery
  • Professional equipment, 100% eco-friendly materials
  • Flexible booking slots and payment methods
  • Competitive prices, no hidden fee

What can you expect from Leatherzone Upholstery LLC leather deep cleaning?

Clean and polish with professional cleaning product that has been carefully wiped with a cotton cloth. The cleaner is equipped with the proper cleaning techniques and tools that prepare for your furniture. It will be as soft and comfortable as new.

Our mission is not only to disinfect leather and upholstery, but also to bring them back to their best condition. Extend your life and enjoy longer!

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Our Cleaners Are Experienced

The best leather sofa cleaning service in the UAE has built a reliable and hard-working team of well-trained cleaners. Our cleaners are insured and have the necessary skills. They all follow our basic principles and general hygiene standards. They are ready to accommodate your personal instructions and individual requirements. We motivated cleaners who are devoted to their work. You never leave your fortune with an unfinished job!

Your leather accessories are skillfully cleaned, repaired, and restored by us

With our leather accessory cleaning and repair service, you may restore or maintain the beautiful appearance of your most valuable leather goods. You can trust that your leather accessories are in good hands when you have Leather Zone professionals handle them because they have over 20 years of experience cleaning and repairing leather.

Ageing, scuffing, and degradation can all cause damage to leather items, especially those that have been used frequently. Rather than discarding these very expensive items, many customers choose to collaborate with Leather Zone to bring new life into their prized pieces.

Keep your expensive leather accessories, such as purses, clothing, and briefcases, in good condition or give them a fresh start on its existence with Leatherzone’s skilled cleaning, repair, and recolouring services.

Leather Accessories Recoloration, Restoration, and Renovation

Not only can our leather accessory repair, restoration, and recolouring services serve to extend the life of an item, but they also help families maintain much-loved antiques or artefacts in the family for future generations to enjoy.

We offer a popular leather accessory service for handbags, briefcases, and coats. Customers can clean and condition their valuable leather accessories.

Repair minor damage (such as scuffs and stains) on their otherwise in good condition leather accessories.

Recolor leather goods to a more on-trend color or to better suit their lifestyle.

Preserve leather accessories of sentimental value.

Why should you choose our Leather Accessories Cleaning and Repair Services?

Leather Zone has a long history of providing excellent cleaning, repair, and recolouring services for leather accessories. Our staff takes pride in their job, achieving the greatest results through the use of high-quality, purpose-built products and years of training.

Leather Zone offers specialised products and mild yet effective treatment methods to rejuvenate your beloved leather goods. You’ll be surprised at what a professional clean or repair can do for your favourite leather accessories.

Our professionals have years of experience with leather accessory cleaning, repair, and restoration.

We use unique skills to provide a wide range of leather accessory repair and cleaning services.