Commercial Leather Furniture Repair and Restoration Services in Dubai

Leather Zone specialises in commercial leather repairs for a wide range of furniture, including lounge suites, dining chairs, office seating, and booth seating.


Leather and vinyl furniture are an essential component of Dubai businesses. However, frequent use causes leather and vinyl furniture and seating to deteriorate, rendering it uncomfortable, unsightly, or unusable. Leather and vinyl furniture, once damaged, can become unsanitary, which is a problem for businesses that serve customers.


Scratches, scuff Burns, stains, cuts, fading, and damaged stitching are just a few of the most common issues encountered when repairing commercial leather and vinyl furniture. With leather and vinyl furnishings frequently costing several thousand dollars to purchase new, the option to repair damage is usually far more cost effective and reasonable for our customers.


The Leather Zone is Dubai’s leading provider of commercial leather repair services. We help leather last longer and offer cost-effective solutions to avoid having to replace leather and vinyl furniture. As leather damage repair specialists, we can provide expert advice and cost-effective repair solutions to ensure that your leather and vinyl furniture can be used in commercial settings for many years.


At The Leather Zone, we specialise in commercial leather repair services, including but not limited to:

  • Removing stains from pen, hair dye, suntan, food, drink and colour transfer,
  • Fixing damage caused from cuts, burns, scuffs, nicks and dents,
  • Re-upholstering leather and vinyl furniture,
  • Repairing broken stitching, damaged buttons, zip closures, and
  • Repairing colour issues caused by fading and sun damage.

Using a Leather Zone for commercial leather repair ensures you get the best in the business. Our premium leather repair service helps to transform damage to leather and vinyl furnishings, leaving them looking like new and ready to be used for many years. Our commercial repairs also assist businesses in maintaining aesthetic and sanitary standards. Work is typically completed on-site or can be returned within a set time frame, ensuring that clients do not go without furniture for an extended period of time.

So, before you consider throwing out your office’s expensive leather or vinyl furniture, contact a Leather Zone to discuss commercial leather repair options.