Choose any fabric for your custom made sofa

Build your own custom sofa with Leatherzone Upholstery L. L. C your own sofa tools, they allow you to design the size, shape, style and colour of your sofa for a fraction of the price that you’d pay on the high street. Sometimes in life we want to put our own stamp on things, at Leatherzone we provide you with the tools that will enable you to create your own beautifully designed custom sofa that is unique and personal to you, your family and your home.

So how can you create your own custom sofa? Well that depends on you and just how adventurous you want to be… To start with you can contact us and our technical team will get back to you and build sofas which can be subtly customised to your personal taste and style, you customise them by selecting any fabrics, wood or steel feet and piping detail to mention but a few of the many custom options that are available to you.

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